Lucas Oil Non-Flammable Tire Inflator W/ Hose Assembly [16-oz./473.18-ml. Spray Can] 11180
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Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil Non-Flammable Tire Inflator W/ Hose Assembly [16-oz./473.18-ml. Spray Can] 11180

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Lucas Tire Inflator with hose applicator is an easy to use non-flammable tire inflator and sealer for use in all passenger vehicles. It will quickly seal punctures and re-inflate a damaged tire. Lucas Tire Inflator is tire sensor safe. Safe for temporary emergency tire repair to get you back on the road, no tools required! IMPORTANT: LUCAS TIRE INFLATOR provides a quick emergency repair. Treated tires should be repaired by a qualified tire professional at the earliest opportunity to ensure safety and proper cleaning of tire pressure sensor if so equipped. We recommend tire to be repaired within 3 days or 100 miles after use, whichever comes first. Advise tire professional of product use. Tires that contain Tire Inflator should be deflated only in well-ventilated areas. If tire rim does not lift off the ground after product use, have tire repaired. Lucas Tire Inflator will not repair sidewall or severe damage, cracks in wheels or rim leaks. If temperature is below 32ºF/0ºC, warm can using vehicle’s interior heater vent before use. If a spill occurs on paint, wash off immediately with water.


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