Chevron Clarity Machine Oil (150) [55-gal./208.2-Liter. Drum] 294008981
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Chevron Clarity Machine Oil (150) [55-gal./208.2-Liter. Drum] 294008981

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Circulating Oil

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Clarity® Machine Oils are circulating oils for use in industrial equipment such as gear boxes, calender stack bearings and crown control rolls.


  • High temperature stability — Contains an effective oxidation inhibitor to protect the oil at elevated ambient operating temperatures.
  • Long lubricant life — A well-balanced additive package and high quality base oils help minimize breakdown and maximize oil life. Gives excellent performance in the FAG FE-8 Bearing Test.
  • Excellent wear protection — Helps provide high FZG, Timken, and AGMA EP performance.
  • Excellent water separability — The lubricant separates readily from water.
  • Effective foam inhibition — Helps minimize amount of entrained air in the oil, minimizing the possibility of pump cavitation and also helps prevent surface foam.
  • Pall wet filterability — Clarity Machine Oil consistently provides excellent wet aged filtration with low micron filters.
  • Environmental sensitivity — Ashless formulation facilitates reclaiming and recycling efforts. Nontoxic to aquatic species as determined by LC-50 testing.
  • Clarity Machine Oils 150, 220, and 320 are formulated with high quality base oils. Their ashless extreme pressure additive packages include rust, oxidation, and foam inhibitors. Their outstanding oxidation stability minimizes deposit formation. They have gear oil EP characteristics to minimize wear, and yet do not contain corrosive active sulfur additives. Their ashless formulation facilitates reclaiming and recycling of circulating oils. They have excellent water separating ability (demulsibility), and exceptional wet filterability with fine porosity oil filters, as demonstrated by the Pall Filterability Test.

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