Sentron LD (40) [5.3-gal./20-Liter. Pail] STN5LDP20
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Sentron LD (40) [5.3-gal./20-Liter. Pail] STN5LDP20

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PETRO-CANADA LubriCants SENTRON stationary gas engine oils (SGEOs) are premium performance, long life engine oils specially formulated to lubricate stationary gas engines and compressors. SENTRON’s extended drain intervals Can mean lower maintenance costs, less used oil to dispose of and a more efficient and profitable operation. SENTRON’s exceptional performance is especially important in the severe service conditions common in compression, power generation and combined heat and power applications. Its outstanding anti-wear protection in combination with low tendency for deposit build-up helps to minimize bore polish and wear of cylinder liners and wear of piston rings. That Can mean: Longer service intervals • Less backfiring, Cleaner engines with less wear, Fewer service calls, Less downtime. SENTRON stationary gas engine oils are formulated with ultra pure, high quality base oils and highly advanced additive technologies to help deliver a combination of extended oil life, extended drain intervals and excellent control of engine deposits. Offering exceptional protection against wear and corrosion, SENTRON helps provide worry-free operation, increased engine durability and engine life, which Can lead to a reduction in overall operating costs. SENTRON stationary gas engine oils span the typical levels of sulphated ash and SAE viscosity grades required by gas engine manufacturers. Moreover, they have a proven track record of successful use under a wide range of operating conditions.


  • Longer oil life provides long-lasting equipment protection
  • Extended drain interval Can reduce maintenance and provide savings
  • Outstanding anti-wear/anti-scuff protection helps to: Control and minimize valve recession. Reduce wear on piston rings, cylinder liners and bearings, prolonging engine life. Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Keeps engine parts clean by: Minimizing ring zone and valve stem deposits. Minimizing port blockage in 2-cycle gas engines. Improving engine lubrication by maintaining clean oil-ways. Maximizing the time between major engine overhauls. Preventing corrosion.
  • Extremely low oil volatility helps to: Improve work environment through absence of oil odour. Minimize oil consumption. Reduce excessive engine combustion zone deposits for higher efficiency and reduced de-rating of the engine.

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